Labour (delivery) without pain is it dream or reality?

It was and still is every woman’s dream of becoming a mother and God bless her with sons and daughters, but the fear of the pain of childbirth always stands as a barrier to the completion of the dream and the desire to repeat it. And with the spread of propaganda on the medical market for giving birth without pain, women stood in a dilemma: Has it really become possible?

Did the dream really come true? And to clarify this point we present the commonly ways used recently :

1. Epidural anesthesia : It is the most used now and it is usually intended if the childbirth without pain is mentioned . It is performed by installing a catheter in the lower back and giving repeated doses of anesthesia to ensure the continuity of its effect.

2. spinal anesthesia: It is also possible to combine the two previous types of anesthesia to give stronger and longer effectiveness.

3. Anesthesia of the pudendal nerve (pudendal anesthesia): It is another type of anesthesia which is an injection that can prevent pain that occurs between the vagina and the anus, but it is not commonly used.

4. The TAP block: It is the latest method now used to prevent pain after a cesarean delivery. It is a combined anesthesia injection injected between the muscles in the lower abdomen under the guidance of devices

5. Inhalation of Entonox gas: It is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous (laughing gas) that the mother inhales during natural childbirth and it is a safe and effective pain reliever. In addition, there are some recent methods used to reduce the mother’s anxiety and tension and help her to relax, which reduces the severity of pain.

Examples include: underwater childbirth, massage and aromatherapy, and even acupressure. As with any medical procedure; There are always side effects and complications, and there is personal differences between women and here comes the expected answer to the question, so yes, we have come closer to achieving the dream, and the coming years may witness progress in the presence of solutions to these side effects, and then the dream will truly become a reality!


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